Saturday, 28 December 2013

wind in our hair

A lovely sunny blue-sky Boxing Day up in Greno Woods the other day.
This amazing shot was taken by Jamie from the bottom of the bomb-hole, but more on that later
Jamie taking that first photo from the bottom of the bomb-hole.  My menacing shadow above!  This bomb hole is thought to be from WWII.
 Bomb crater receding into the distance

Frank's seat - and memories of last year when Frank was still well enough to unveil our new village topograph
  out of the woods and views stretching forever
 up onto St Helena then homeward bound
 Watch this space - or more precisely this hut - ideas abound for the Tour de Yorkshire . . .
 and home in time for a feast of left overs!

New Year's resolution to self: try to photograph this same walk once a month throughout 2014 for a Hockney style photo project of changing seasons!

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