Wednesday, 18 December 2013

down paradise row

Sunday 1st December

Day 3 in London for my birthday weekend and it's a lovely day of chance meetings, sunsets-on-fire and rousing sing-songs.

Catch up from the start of the weekend if you prefer by clicking here)

First it was a tasty Turkish breakfast of spinach, onions and eggs at the trendy, friendly Z cafe in Stoke Newington.  Then, walking down Church Street, past this cheerful Christmas tree . . .
who do we bump into but Helen - time for another photo!
After a bit of shopping in the tempting crafty places, it was a diversion into the calm of Abney Park Cemetery, which was absolutely amazing.  So if you'd like to see my notes and pictures of this then please click on Abney Park Cemetery visit.  London's so full of these little surprise gems in the midst of the bustle.

Next we headed over to the new shopping mall next to St Paul's and up onto the roof for the most incredible sunset - and metal on the roof below gives the illusion you're at the seaside with the sun slanting over the water - stunning!!
As usual too many shots, but sunsets were always my weak point and the light changes so quickly.
After a quick shop in Oxford Street - all be-decked for Christmas,
It was on another incredible sing-song again at the Duke of Kendal.  My old man followed his van, Mother Kelly sat on her doorstep and Lily the Pink had a drink a drink a drink . . . it was hard tearing ourselves away for the last tube.

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