Monday, 28 January 2013

On the wire

Can only be Leonard to lead us into this admission
You have to have read the last blog post about strange tracks in the snow

Was it a bird?  NO

Was it a creepy crawly?  NO

Just wires!!!!

Above the route of the tracks hangs our telephone wire!  Snow must be freezing on there then dropping in nice regular straight-line chunks.

Can't believe we've been fooled for all of 4 years!

Ah well

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Strange tracks

Reet . . .

I am in grave need of some experts.  We've seen these tracks year after year when it snows.  They always go from the direction of our porch and across the garden.  They are always these perfect rectangular shapes, some short, some super long.  Always as if a ruler has been carefully impressed into the snow from above with ne'r a smudge nor flake of snow out of place.

I've sent pics in the past to BBC naturewatch (who never replied!) and to loads of learn-ed friends -  but to no avail.

I wondered if it was a heron landing??? But what do YOU think

The scale can been seen by the size of the boot tracks nearby (size 10 boots)

Try this to get into the 'strange' mood

These were taken in the dark last night

 and these were my old pics from 2009 with a plastic ladle for a size indicator

 as you can see they are mighty big!!!

Answers not on a postcard, but in the comments box below please.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Here's a tree

So funny today. Suddenly staring out at the same tree as last weekend from Mum's bedroom window but now on a blanket of white!

Reminded me of the old rhyme " Here's a tree in summer . . . " chanted while stripping a long seedy grass stalk in far off childhood! Then chucking the "April shower" seeds into some unsuspecting friend's face.

Oh the simple pleasures!!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

our super trouper

Days spent in my childhood home at the moment, tending to poor Mum after her fall.

Glimpse of those distant Welsh hills from my old bedroom window
Moel Famau to be precise and still never been up there

and then the early morning frost over the park
 and thankfully Mum home from hosp and getting stronger and better day by day
 especially with the added touch of a personal physio!
Get well soon Mum, we're all rooting for you