Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I saw three ships

So we start the adventure squashed into the back of AJ's car loaded with duvets and pillows, zooming over the Pennines on a dark Sunday night in May to gather with the rest of the family at Grandma's for the Cunard weekend, you can read all about it here on the Cunard website - Three Queens salute Liverpool

but not before we catch the midnight fun at Wallasey Town Hall - crowds on the prom waiting for the firework display to kick off the weekend
such a great atmosphere - and the dark Mersey ever flowing below
We glimpse the first of the Queen Cunarders, safely moored outside the Liver Building and awaiting her two sister ships tomorrow
and we're treated to the fireworks at last - OOOOs and Ahhhhs all round
and now flash forward to the next morning - the Cunarders assembled for battle, armed with tasty flat whites, at Woodside.
and securing a spot right under that magnificent Art Deco ventilation shaft for the Birkenhead Tunnel.  Great article here on the architecture of the Mersey Tunnel too.
we patiently await (and no, that's not Tilly with binoculars on David's shoulder!!)
First comes the lovely Razzle Dazzle ferry - here was my earlier piece when we first spotted 'Snowdrop' a few months ago - Razzle Dazzle
Followed by the proud little pilot boat
getting closer and closer
then the first of the Queens (I now have no idea which was which - sorry!!)
but they were pretty impressive
especially as they danced and turned in tight circles around eachother
Some pretty good pics and video footage here, so you get the picture:  LIverpool Echo coverage

But finally hunger called - and we dived under the River . . .
to Liddypool and the wonderful Bluecoat cafe, for a pretty good nosh
And then we were loose on the streets
ambling back to Lime Street for J's train
only to find total chaos and queues
but finally, mission completed
and we were off back to meet up with the crew - via a quick sample of the new Liverpool city bikes
and here was a lovely little Pixie I know . . .
and yours truely
This is the other Mersey Tunnel ventilation shaft on t'other side.  Someone's done a brilliant blog piece on the Mersey tunnel if you're interested:  Wonders of the World: The Mersey Tunnel
A final glimpse of one of the ships
before everyone headed home.

And a wonderful whirlwind day it was.  All tired, all happy.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

sweet william

A few weekends ago we were in Wales visiting family - and you'll soon see the fabulous garden where this amazing bloom came from
but first it was a day out on Anglesey - starting at Moelfre
gazing over the straits to the Great Orme
then setting off round the headland for a walk . . .
the clan
the lovely original lifeboat station
Dic Evans, a very brave member of the lifeboat crew, born and bred in Moelfre
and some moving accounts of rescues
This is the swanky new lifeboat station and it's latest boat
old fishermen's cottages along the headland
We spotted porpoises in the sea just near this spot 
and enjoyed wandering the grassy tracks
filled with butterflies and wildflowers
This is the bay where a famous shipwreck took place - the Royal Charter went down in 1859 and its a fascinating tale of wrecking and gold ingots!  Read all about it here
And finally, back at the ranch and that stunning garden - "all my own work"!!
all that and a magnificent backdrop of the grandeur of the Carneddau too
A beautiful secret garden, great company and a fabulous weekend.