Friday, 7 August 2015

end of a holiday

Friday 3 July 2015

Well here we are suddenly at Friday!  What a happy whirlwind of a week.  And before we get going, must just share the amazing view from my bedroom window at Yr Hafan every sunny morning.  Oh to see the sea!!
and as we started this holiday blog with Fairport, I'll round off with Who Knows Where the Time Goes, sang so timelessly by Sandy Denny - enjoy:
but it wasn't so lyrically sad as Sandy sings it, we made the most of every last moment - with a wonderful hike around the coast to Solva
discovering more gloriously untrodden paths
following the acorn coastal path routes
to idyllic rock strewn coves
great for a bit of serious beachcombing - pot 'n all
turquoise Atlantic Ocean
wild,wild 'osses (well, Welsh Mountain Ponies, to be precise)
with lots of serious spotting thrown in (what we spotted coming up in the next part of the tale)
fabulous rock strata
and many an 'ogof'
Then, Solva, nestled down below where we had a great lunch of sandwiches made specially freshly for us at the Solva Boat Club cafe
before setting off over the other side of the town and back onto the coastal path
 I am a bit hooked on seat dedications and I just loved this one . . .
and I like to think Trish would have approved of our week of non-stop walking and talking with such amazing friends.
Then, after a return to the ranch and a bit of a spruce up, we were soon back in St David's for a demon meal at the trendy Cwtch
A rare pic of all eight of the awesome crewe!  Taken by a kindly fellow eater.
So we set off back through the dark streets to plan next year's adventure . . . .
Thank you everyone - you are all wonderful x x x

Welsh word of the day: araf = slow
You might now think that is the end, but we had a wonderful day travelling home through the length of Wales and I also need to show you all the birds and wilde beasts we spotted, so if you'd like to read about the bird spotting and enjoy some music, click here next ...
(or if you want to go back and start at the beginning of this holiday - then click here to go back)

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