Sunday, 13 November 2016

but not a drop to drink

As you'll maybe have noticed on my Twitter feed, yesterday we went on a brilliant River Don walk as part of the Festival of Social Science and also The Dry Project, who are currently investigating the effects of drought and water shortage.  
Met up at the Riverside
enjoying their legendary pie and peas (with Hendos naturally)
and ventured out and about around the River Don looking at history, architecture, photography,wildlife and making new and interesting friends along the way.
This was the very spot where some of us spotted a kingfisher twice but sadly not me!
and our History Man, Tim, who will be releasing his "Story of Sheffield" early in 2017, so watch this space ...
This was the one of the surprises of the day - a whole section of the river full of brilliant 'unofficial' sculptures apparently put there over the summer by some unnamed middle-aged guy wading out day after day - LOVED them
and my very favourite bit - the amazing Cobweb Bridge
complete with huge steel spiders suspended from the old brick arch above
totally brilliant and a bit eerie!
It was such a still day, the reflections over the water were spectacular
Great to hear there are salmon in the River Don again, as well as a small number of otters and we learnt more about the Great Sheffield Flood of 1864 and the 293 victims.  It's still the biggest man-made disaster in the UK and there are now flood level markers all around this area as well as a new memorial naming all the victims, many of them young children.
Along we go to the Wicker Arches
and the canal basin, with it's amazing straddle warehouse
The weir at Lady's Bridge - always a fun viewing point at the Boat Race back in my student days
Then we are back at Kelham
The magnificent and listed Cornish Place.  We talked about the other old works in the area - it would be amazing to get inside some of these: Cornish Works or Wharncliffe Works for example.  Old industrial buildings are part of why I love cities so much. 

Question: have I left it to late to become an urban explorer?!?
Remnant of Halloween below the Brooklyn Works
and then a gentle riverside walk back to the other 'Riverside'!
A great day out - fun, informative and interesting, followed by a fabulous meal with friends, so thank you - you know who you are!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and your experience of the day - great for folk who couldn't be there to see the sights.