Thursday, 27 September 2012

on a little dishy

Tuesday 10 July

Grabbed picnic essentials in Muxia then north along the Costa del Morte, through Praia del Lago and Laxe and finally arriving at the wonderful bustling fishing town of Malpica

Narrow high sided streets and a jumble of architecture clinging to the hillsides around the little port
and just in time for the daily catch
and a little pause here for a classic bit of Geordie in the absence of knowing any Galician sea shanties!
and here are the little fishies

All being auctioned off in rapid Galician - we didn't dare raise an eyebrow in case we accidently came away with a crate of squid!

and if you want to read about our spooky trip round the Ruta dos Dolmens, then watch this space . . .

This is part of our Spain by train adventure in July, so if you'd rather start at the beginning then click here

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

standing the test of time

apologies for another graveyard visit, but this caught my eye last Friday . . .

inscribed on the back of an old tombstone in the 14th Century remains of Wentworth Church - probably explains why this one's still standing!

and if you can't read the ancient script - it says  
"for goodnes sake fix this Stone up agane"
grave humour if ever!!!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

the mind boggles

Brill atmosphere at Festival of the Mind today in Sheffield

First stop the Creative Arts Development Space (CADS) for 50 Ideas for Sheffield from students the Architecture department.  Fantastic space in a disused cutlery works . . .

Some of my favourite ideas were developing the River Don out through HIllsborough and the 'High Line' idea on the old Woodhead railway line from Stocksbridge - New York city eat your heart out!

Also loved the suggestion of two markets, keeping one where it is now - Castle Market - in addition to the possible new one down the Moor.  And as for the elevated tree walks in Endcliffe Park - amazing!

Onwards and upwards into Barker's Pool and the magnificent Spiegeltent
We disovered a Spiegeltent is a travelling mirror tent used for entertainment.  This one was amazing - from an ordinary shopping Saturday we stepped into a wonder world of booths, booze and storytelling!!
Tomorrow it will be gruesome remains at the Alfred Denny Zoology Museum and Steve at the Cathedral!!  What fun!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

end of the line

Monday 9th July - this Spanish holiday write up is coming along slowly and it's lovely to delve back into my journal and photos as the nights darken and the air starts to feel autumnal.

So - here we go
Another shipping forecast conquest and the most westerly point in Spain too!
Cape Finisterre (Spanish) or Cabo Fisterra (Galician).  'Finis' 'terre' - the end of the land.
And also the end of the Camino de Santiago now that it has extended to the sea.
Tradition has it that the pilgrims leave their boots here
and little items of meaning

and this is the pretty little port of Fisterra, back down off the headland.

Fabulous day then back for a feast at Casa De Lema

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 (or to start at the beginning of our Spainish train holiday this July, click here). 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

the magic of Muxia

So - having arrived at Santiago de Compostela on our train from Burgos, amidst pilgrims and tourists, we picked up our hire car and headed for our idyllic bed and breakfast Casa De Lema - our home for four nights.
the 'horreo' at Casa de Lema, a traditional Galician grain store

The welcome, at 11.30 at night, with an amazing four course meal including locally caught razor clams, a bottle of Alparino wine and smiling welcoming hosts, set the scene for a wonderful week.  So here are a few snaps of Casa de Lema and our amazing meals - spot the Pulpa de Feria (yes, octapus tentacles!!!!)
well, did you get it right?
Just a short drive to Muxia, a little port with a cheerful mix of buildings old and new, right in the heart of the Galician Costa del Morte, and we started our adventures there . . .

and managed to hit market day and the source of some of our treats back at Casa de Lema 

 yes, you spotted it - the pulpa before being pulped!!
and in the next few days, we venture up and down this fastinating and beautiful celtic coastline.  To follow our adventures in the next episode - read here . . . .

This was part of my account of our Spain by Train holiday this July, so if you prefer to start by reading from the beginning, please click here  

Saturday, 8 September 2012

in the melting shop

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Two standing ovations tonight at Magna for Richard Hawley, playing with the BBC Phil

LIsten to this little clip

Amazing night and Jarvis there to introduce his mate

Be on BBC 6 music to listen to for a week (til Saturday 15th September) - click here

More about Richard and his amazing Sheffield pedigree here 

and though I was probably the only one in the audience not familiar with The Ocean (from Coles Corner), the requested encore, I was bowled over and here it is 

Fantastic night - and big thank you to Janet and Kathryn for the tickets - felt extra special being on my first guest list!!

First review in is from Sarah Lay - and her experience pretty much matches ours - outsanding!!

Oh - and the melting shop - this is Magna back in the day:

Monday, 3 September 2012


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oh no - someone has discovered our Treasure Island and has created a Robert Louis Stevenson wilderness walk starting in Erraid - read all about it

 but we were there first, honest . . .. for proof read here

or if you want to read our whole Mull adventure from the beginning, then start here