Saturday, 22 September 2012

the mind boggles

Brill atmosphere at Festival of the Mind today in Sheffield

First stop the Creative Arts Development Space (CADS) for 50 Ideas for Sheffield from students the Architecture department.  Fantastic space in a disused cutlery works . . .

Some of my favourite ideas were developing the River Don out through HIllsborough and the 'High Line' idea on the old Woodhead railway line from Stocksbridge - New York city eat your heart out!

Also loved the suggestion of two markets, keeping one where it is now - Castle Market - in addition to the possible new one down the Moor.  And as for the elevated tree walks in Endcliffe Park - amazing!

Onwards and upwards into Barker's Pool and the magnificent Spiegeltent
We disovered a Spiegeltent is a travelling mirror tent used for entertainment.  This one was amazing - from an ordinary shopping Saturday we stepped into a wonder world of booths, booze and storytelling!!
Tomorrow it will be gruesome remains at the Alfred Denny Zoology Museum and Steve at the Cathedral!!  What fun!!

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  1. Oh wow! Looks incredible!

    Everyone seems to be excited about the high line idea - they proposed a similar thing for the Sydney Monorail when it is stopped next year but somehow I'm not sure a skinny monorail line will have quite the same effect!