Sunday, 28 October 2012

how would you like

Glorious day over at Mum's last Sunday and this is the apple tree that's nearly as old as I am - where the fairies lived at the bottom of our garden . .
so, setting to, we harvested bags and bags of Laxton Superbs and Conference pears
Onceuponatime there was the swing, made by Dad and Uncle Bill from scaffolding, seeming so huge in it's own private little world, tucked against the hedge behind pear tree.  But neither hedge nor swing are left now and the space seems so tiny . . .

And do you know, I never knew that song Mum and Dad used to sing to us was a Robert Louis Stevenson poem from A Child's Garden of Verses!

And the tune they always sang, I can't for the life of me find on YouTube, so maybe it was another lovely one they made up?  Jane - any thoughts??

Anyway, after reminiscing about the swing, we got down to stripping both trees for a mega harvest

 and then spotted a lone buttercup smiling up at us!  In OCTOBER!!!
then when the sun set later that night, I remembered how my old bedroom wall always caught the red glow
Sweet dreams everyone!!!

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