Sunday, 28 April 2013

Whether the weather

The road to the ferry outside our bedroom window! Just had a fab day on Iona. Blown to bits, sunshine, rain, wind, hail, blue skies, black skies. Returned on the last ferry bobbing up and down in the waves!! Magic.
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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tuck in

And this was our dinner on night one, courtesy of Audrey!!!
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The return of the six

Wahoooo . . . Here we are back off on another adventure to Mull

with beasties barring our way

But the incredible six make it - a wilderness of peace as night sets in

And if you wonder what I am on about, the adventure started this time last year . . . Mull 2012

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Sunday, 21 April 2013

the sun was shining on the sea

Memory lane meander on Moreton Shore yesterday as evening fell (this one's for you Nancy!)
and the shoreline was littered with these little chaps
and hard not to crunch in all the razor clam shells
so what I want to know please is what are the little round 'things'?  They felt heavier than you'd expect so there was something lurking inside.
Funny, when I was little this beach was littered with jellyfish and I don't remember so  many amazing shells.

Maybe the jellyfish had 'eaten every one' . . .

(The Walrus and the Carpenter - I used to love that!!)

and ending with my childhood bedroom window view towards that very same shore

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

many happy returns

It's wonderful what you can cram into just 2 days in London
Flat whites by our resident expert - the birthday girl no less
Pressies to open
Fab lunch at the amazing Rochelle Canteen in deepeest Shoreditch
after getting in through the secret door that is
Leg stretch around Hoxton

 bit of Sheffield here from Phlegm
new Rachel Whiteread exhibition at the Gagosian
old school theatre
but who dunnit???  we're not telling . . . .

and finally to the toppermost of the city - all for free!!
peering down on the British Museum
 Tower Bridge
 and the Post Office Tower
and the next day, to wake us up - super breaky and fab coffee at the Pavillion Cafe, Victoria Park
followed by the wonderful Sew Amazing in Bow for the grand sewing machine purchase
 so amazing indeed!!
and the end of a perfect stay
Thanks for sharing your birthday Jess!!
Many happy returns X X X

Thursday, 11 April 2013

up the Orinoco

Great expedition last Saturday following the footsteps of Alexander von Humboldt with a few other intrepid travellers, from La Corunna to Venezuela by way of Tenerife, Cuba and Ecclesall Road

shades of sky
 ships prows
Tenerife in a gentle breeze
Fellow explorers
 Heights to scale
Canyons to explore
 barriers along the way
 dead ends
 strange beasts to chart
skies to die for
 eyes of storms
 signs of times
the ever present water
eerie shadows

ancient tombs
 equitorial climes
Epic day
Pity missed the performance at Bank Street Arts - Humboldt ventures in the Equinoctial Regions but there's an exhibition of the expedition on until 21 April. And you can also catch the sound recording from the performance from this webpage