Thursday, 11 April 2013

up the Orinoco

Great expedition last Saturday following the footsteps of Alexander von Humboldt with a few other intrepid travellers, from La Corunna to Venezuela by way of Tenerife, Cuba and Ecclesall Road

shades of sky
 ships prows
Tenerife in a gentle breeze
Fellow explorers
 Heights to scale
Canyons to explore
 barriers along the way
 dead ends
 strange beasts to chart
skies to die for
 eyes of storms
 signs of times
the ever present water
eerie shadows

ancient tombs
 equitorial climes
Epic day
Pity missed the performance at Bank Street Arts - Humboldt ventures in the Equinoctial Regions but there's an exhibition of the expedition on until 21 April. And you can also catch the sound recording from the performance from this webpage

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