Friday, 31 May 2013

up hill and down dale

London weekend Part IV
carefully following Margaret over the canal
through London Fields
and Hackney, with a small diversion in an amazing sewing shop Our Patterned Hand 

we arrived back safe and sound to negotiate two spiral staircases with our buys

and onto the roof (where our story started the day before)

the old school bell

then it was the end of our trip, and going
 but by the time we'd hit the North, the deed had been done
wow !!!

four legs good

London weekend Part III

so, here we are laden with bags of bedding plants and a ginormous plant named Margaret, and we stumble across the entrancing Hackney City Farm
which was just as well cos we were starving and they were still serving lunch at the wonderful Frizzante Cafe
which stated outside:
and know what - it was!!
the cafe was brilliant
then after our nosh we couldn't resist a peek at those animules
hard to believe this little haven is so close to the busy Hackney Road
fabulous find!!

Now we still need to get Margaret and those flowers home safely - so tune in to London Part IV when you can . . .

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Flower power

Part II  London Weekend

and the sky was indeed blue all day long, but first it was 'Up on the Roof' for some rare May sunshine
noting the 'before' state of the roof garden flower pots
and this house near the bus stop provided the inspiration . . .
for what's becoming a lovely habit - Sunday trips to
some great houses around there
and trendy roof gardens

but it was onwards and into the happy throng for the real shopping and loads of lovely colour

people laden with pinks and purples 

and this time we manage to be one of the people with a monster purchase!

Great walk home  . . .
but not before our fab lunch stop 

and this deserves it's own blog post - so, click here for Part III . . .

late night London

London weekend Part I

Someone's been baking
Quick turnaround and off to Garufa with Jess, Jamie and Oli.  AMAZING steaks yet again and fabulous puds.

Then a spooky meander through the park in Highbury Fields to catch the tube home.
and a serenade before bed
  . . . now watch this space for tomorrow's grand adventure

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

29 and still counting

Our Anniversary on Sunday and the Sheffield sun came out at last!  Undeterred by a manic Saturday, off we set again . . .

Breakfast at Whirlow Farm Cafe
 young as ever . . .
 and some goodies for our new herb garden

then on to John Street for "Inside the Triangle"

Harland Works, Stag Works and Portand Works all open for the day.

So, its Portland Works first stop, where the first stainless steel knives were made 100 years ago, for their fascinating tour:
 and up onto the roof
with a peek at the other Blades
 and I got a bit of a thing for the amazing brickwork

Over the wall to Stag Works

then the march of the mods

before a final coffee at Nicols cafe on the way home - sun still shining and warm at last!

And more to come in June - the legendary Sheffield Doc Fest at our wonderful Showroom Cinema and the Sheffield Poetry Festival and the colourful Children's Festival - at which point I have to include:

Blast from the past!!  

Sheffield Children's Festival


Grenoside School in the Lord Mayor's Parade

Go Grenoside ! ! !

Sheffield is positively buzzing!  Festival City!!!!