Thursday, 27 September 2012

on a little dishy

Tuesday 10 July

Grabbed picnic essentials in Muxia then north along the Costa del Morte, through Praia del Lago and Laxe and finally arriving at the wonderful bustling fishing town of Malpica

Narrow high sided streets and a jumble of architecture clinging to the hillsides around the little port
and just in time for the daily catch
and a little pause here for a classic bit of Geordie in the absence of knowing any Galician sea shanties!
and here are the little fishies

All being auctioned off in rapid Galician - we didn't dare raise an eyebrow in case we accidently came away with a crate of squid!

and if you want to read about our spooky trip round the Ruta dos Dolmens, then watch this space . . .

This is part of our Spain by train adventure in July, so if you'd rather start at the beginning then click here

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