Wednesday, 30 September 2015

all the fun of the fair

Tuesday 8 September 2015

San Sebastian
This was the most amazing day - all the ingredients of a perfect holiday - and it started with the sun streaming into our lovely apartment
and this rooftop view
 and a walk around the town to the tourist office to collect maps. 
Loved the market produce
 Such a great morning buzz everywhere
 and some fabulous doorways
Plaza de la ConstituciĆ³n by day - beautifully preserved
an exploration of the magnificent Iglesia San Vicente
a saunter along Calle del 31 de Agosto - commemorating the dreadful destruction of San Sebastian in 1813
and a view down to the cathedral with it's filigree steeple
Inside the grand Iglesia de Santa Maria
Inside which was a massive cardboard model of the tower!  Sadly there was work going on in the church and we weren't able to see the Chillida cross.  But we did see many amazing sculptures across the city over the days we were there and I've found a great website with them all on: San Sebastian Sculptures.  Turns out in 2016 San Sebastian is European City of Culture, so many monuments and buildings are being spruced up, including, sadly, the Chillida studio and museum which is closed at the moment.
So off we wandered down to the bay, stopping for cafe con leche along the way and taking in the incredible setting of this city - strung out between the Pyrenees and the sea
We walked the whole length of La Concha beach
til we found Eduardo Chillada's Piena Del Viento
and the ancient funicular!!
It was SO amazing and is 103 years old we were reliably informed.
and the view from the top of Monte Igledo gives a new meaning to breathtaking  . . .
But enough of views - by now we'd discovered the scenic railway - and now we know why they are called that!!  Scenic it certainly was - as well as rickety, scream inducing and totally magical.
with the friendliest ticket seller/ train driver, who told us the carriages were made in Britain over 90 years ago!!
all ready to ride - no hint of the dips and screams to come
we were swept over the edge of the very Bay of Biscay!
but compensation was at hand - winning first prize in the dinosaur race
It wasn't all over yet though - off to the house of horror
far too scary to photograph . . .

Tempted by a final ride - we all took to the mysterious river!!
scenic or what!!
then back down 
shoes off
and a paddle home
Bit of housekeeping after a swim
Then great tapas again in the town and reminiscences of a perfect day.

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