Wednesday, 2 September 2015


It's a bit of an 'in' joke, but it had to be this piece of music to chronicle last weekend.  Set it playing to set the scene for Sunday
But before that, Saturday saw us in Tudor Square for the Jeremy Corbyn roadshow hustings - great fun, palpable excitement and a brilliant unscripted speech.
And on Sunday the rain didn't deter us from a wander into the rhubarb/sculpture triangle, starting with the Hepworth
'Angel of Mercy', 1934 by Eileen Agar
and some of the wonderful Anthony Caro sculptures on display

Arena Piece 'Kiss' 1995, by Anthony Caro
'Terminus' 2013, Anthony Caro 
'taking a break' 2015, by GAH (ha ha)
and then onwards to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and a whizz around the highlights.
Loving Barbara Hepworth's Family of Man
and Al Weiwei's Iron Tree
and then it was back for a Viennese style dinner - with a bit of a team effort at crafting the Spätzle
ready for our showing of The Third Man!!  Hence the amazing theme tune at the start! Play it again Harry and Holly!!
A brilliant weekend and now the house is very quiet and back to the diet!

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