Sunday, 22 December 2013

in a pear tree

Oooooo nearly there!!

These are my twelve pics of Christmas

1.  We'll be trying the trendy Aperol Spritz (discovered at my birthday dinner) with our present-opening this Christmas
2. Spontaneous carol singing in the foyer of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank in December after our wonderful concert by the Morley Chamber Orchestra in the Purcell Room.  They were of course the 'new' carols, but we'll let them off!
3.  Christmas gig in Putney.  The amazing Police Dog Hogan featuring the one and only Tim Dowling from the Guardian on banjo, harmonica and vocals
4. My first flash mob participation!  Singing local carols in the concourse of Sheffield Station at 10pm one December night after a stupendous evening on the Folk Train to Edale.
5.  Total hilarity at work when Movember fundraising managers took to the (moving) paternoster in the Arts Tower to sing to us as they passed - you had to be there!!!!
6.  The one and only, my favourite caroling pub - our beloved Black Bull, with old friends over there in the 'corner' and sublime, roof raising choruses.
7.  and while I was out singing last Thursday, the little Greno elf had put up our wonderful bendy Christmas tree - Caroline the Pine is this year's chosen name
8.  The final Friday night at the Top Red with Ray and the band and friends old and new, while the wind and rain lashed in from the woods, but we were cosy and warm and in good voice inside.  Christmas wouldn't be Christmas in Sheffield without these songs
9.  The arrival of my great neice Tilly - can't wait to see her when we have our family outing to Oliver
10.  Our wonderful new fairy lights - after a trip to the Moor on Saturday
11.  Winning entry from the Christmas jumper competition at our Christmas Dance last nightWe didn't manage an entry but I like to think we conducted ourselves well in the Tangos and Waltzes
11.  A big hurrah for the floorboards being put back down in time for Christmas preps!
12.  and last but not least - the dear old Greno elf checking in with Santa
hOpE eVeRyOnE hAs A vErY mErRy ChRiStMaS
wItH lOvE aNd MiStLeToE kIsSeS
x X x X x
(in my loverly Christmas earrings)

(Oooops - just noticed I've got two '11's - never mind, consider it a bonus and 13 is 'lucky for some' after all)!

And those not on ipads or iphones will be able to have a bit of musical accompaniment - we voted this our favourite Christmas childhood song in the office last week - click and play . . . Christmas Alphabet


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  1. Thank you Gill.

    Like the one of the Midland Station especially.

    Happy Christmas to you and your elf.