Wednesday, 18 December 2013

On the rails

This had to go straight onto the blog!!!!  Such an amazing night, as us Grenoside Top Red carollers led the Folk Train from Sheffield to Edale.

It was all aboard the 07:14 on platform 5a and a quick tune for the cello and fiddles

Then a good rousing rendition of Hark Hark and the rest as we rattled through Grindleford and Hope, carriages packed to the gunnels. Finally pulling into Edale where the masses alighted and the train continued across the silent dark mountains to Manchester.

The Ramblers Rest glowed in welcome as we marched up the unlit lane.

The moon was high in the sky

And the carolling recommenced as glasses were filled with Farmer's Blond

The Sword dancers danced their dance outside in the cold fresh night

And all too soon, after a final Diadem, it was back to Edale station

spilling over its little platform to await the 9:28 to Sheffield

Moon still high

And singing all the way back to the city.

Then a brilliant bonus as we set up shop in Sheffield station concourse for an impromptu sing. Quick tune first . . .

Smiles and photos from passing travellers and acoustics to die for.  It might have been a small one, but for all the world it felt every bit a flash mob!!  I like to think we're now out there on Youtube somewhere . . .

Off to bed now with all the old favourites zooming around my head!!

(All pics taken on my phone so not brilliant standard, but you get the gist!) 

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