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and we'll all go together

SATURDAY 28 April 2012 - Six Set Sail for Mull

Just got back from the most amazing week on the Isle of Mull with five fabulous friends and I'm going to attempt to tell the tale of our adventures over the next few blog posts.

Suffice to say there was a lot of crying (with laughter), sunshine, sea air, good food and rare sightings and if I manage to hone down my 647 photos to a few shots, I should be able to give you a flavour of the week.

Oban and Mull were the hottest and dryest places in the British Isles last week - creeping up past 19degC while the rest of the UK was under severe weather warnings and flood alerts.  Of course, as we sat picnicing beside babbling burns in the sun or dipping the toes of our boots into the blue Atlantic Ocean on white sunny sands, we did give a thought to the poor folk down south . . .

Here's the first voyage - Oban to Craignure, which got me to thinking how it's easy to forget that we live on a series of islands anyway - the British Isles, and how seafaring was a way of life for most in the past and for many still today.

Snippets of songs were springing to mind at this stage,  "One Friday morn when we set sail, our ship not far from the land . .  . "  though we didn't espy any fair young maids with combs or glasses in their hand.  Manuscript (click here) for enthusiasts to sing along.

and here's the magical Shoals of Herring to listen to by Ewan McColl - I had this on my holiday playlist for the journey north:

as well as Neil Young's Crickle Creek Ferry:

no more musical diversons - to get back to our own ferry journey, here are the some pics as our bonny boat sped over the sea to Mull:

It was just fabulous wall to wall scenery of mountains and still waters only disturbed into gentle wave patterns by the boat


and finally we glide into Craignure harbour:

To be continued as we disembark and drive across Mull . . . . .  Click here to read on

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  1. What a read!! Sounds like you had a great time. Would love to go too! David