Friday, 25 May 2012

watchin' the river flow

So, start off by playing this wonderful lazy ballard of Bob's, with a bit of a Sheffield twist from Joe Cocker, and imagine us lunching at the top of the Panoramic watching boats and ferries tooing and froing across the Mersey millions of miles below

or for the purists, I found this wonderful clip of Dylan himself in 2005 (thanks to Steven Pate) - just click here

followed by a sunny afternoon on the Pier Head at the new Museum of Liverpool . .

short-cutting through the churchyard of the wonderful St Nick's where great grandpa Waugh played the organ

and where Jane spotted a rival Liver bird lurking in the trees

past the mighty Liver Building

the wobbly three graces - sorry for the jaunty angle!!

and the Custom House reflected in the new Museum of Liverpool

and, inside, the wonderful old carriage from Docker's Umbrella and memories for Mum

and here's a clip of it in it's heyday

and an unexpected poetry treat in the museum, courtesy of Roger McGough

then it was goodbye river and lamb-bananas

and the most exotic ventilation shaft ever - for the Birkenhead tunnel

great statue outside the ferry terminal

and another at our 'leaving of Liverpool' at LIme Street station

another brill day in my Liddypool home . . .

and I'll leave you with the songs:

The Leaving of LIverpool - The Dubliners


In my Liverpool Home and Liverpool Lou

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