Saturday, 5 March 2016

up hill and over dale

Friday 26 February

Today was bitterly freezing but spectacular.  The grey skies never really lifted, although we could see bits of sun on distant hills.
Our walk started near the Charles Bathurst in Arkengarthdale.  We were wrapped up in thermals that we'd taken up beyond the Arctic Circle in December!  I had on 3 pairs of gloves . . .
Found a great walk and followed it (more or less ..... OK we did get a bit lost on the top of the fell)

skellies littered the tops of the fell - just around the area we were lost in . . .
but lost or not, the views were worth it
that lovely 'on top of the world' feeling and our picnic spot for a chunk of bara brith
not another soul in sight
and thankfully we regain the path and find our way down to Booze
'Black Sheep' all over again
and as for this monster sheep - we still don't know if it was gigantic hybrid or just standing on a bale of straw!!  Didn't want to venture close to find out either!

Ahhh one of those lovely Dales' fords
reminded me of the start of All Creatures Great and Small intro when James Herriot's little car splashes through the ford!  And the actual one they filmed it in isn't far from Arkengarthdale.  Take a listen:
however there were bridges too
and murky tunnels to navigate
scary or what
but a lovely pub down in Langthwaite ....... sadly closed til the evening - so no warm up here
Just LOVED This almost perfectly symmetrical tree they seem to have designed their garden around at Scar House
and here endeth our amazing 6 mile adventure and safe and sound and back to Winston for the best ever stone baked pizza from the Stable Hearth in the nearby Gainford and a cosy log fire.

And as we were so near to Swaledale on our hike, I'll leave you with a Sheffield 'local carols' rendition of the song I was singing to myself from the top of that wild empty fell.
This is from the Royal Hotel at Dungworth where I sing once a year.   A lovely rendition and much loved as is ours at the Black Bull in Ecclesfield sung by the wonderful Eric on November and December thursday nights.


I will sing of a place that is dear to my heart,

A place where I always would dwell,

And if you will kindly lend me an ear
A few of its beauties I’ll tell

Chorus:- In that beautiful dale, home of the Swale,
How well do I love thee, how well do I love thee?
Beautiful dale, home of the Swale,
Beautiful, beautiful dale.
Oh, it’s far far away from the noise and the din
Of colliery an’ factory an’ mill,
From the bustle and stir of town life, shut in
By verdant and radiant hills.

And how often as boys have we wandered along

Beside of the river so clear;

The birds never failing to sing their sweet song
And lend a charm to your ear.

And if fate ee’er compels me to leave this dear spot

In other lands far away roam,
My earnest wish whatee’er be my lot
Is to end my days here at home.

And you can read on to our next day - when we venture out to the magnificent east coast - read here for Saturday's adventure.

If you missed the start of this birthday weekend then just click here.

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