Tuesday, 8 March 2016

every cloud, and all that

Sunday 28 February

Beautiful cold crisp and sunny day.
Headed to the nearby village of Staindrop for a short hike

loved all the bare winter trees - still my favourite way to see them

and those big big skies, changing colour by the minute from blues to dark greys
a sort of amazing almost artificial light on the fields but dark swirling skies
finally back in Staindrop and a quick visit to St Mary the Virgin (and that link tells you of it's very interesting and ancient history).
loved all the dramatic tombs

and the lovely old floor
and back to Winston and a final evening amble to St Andrew's church on top of the hill
right above the River Tees
and a lovely sunset to end a perfect weekend with

Monday 29 February

So this was our journey home day and we wound our way down the Dales, with a quick stop at the lovely Masham
and home . . .

If you missed the start of this birthday weekend then just click here.

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