Wednesday, 7 October 2015

water under the bridge

Thursday 10 September

San Sebastian
Those of you who are getting a little envious of all this sunshine and blue skies will be glad to know that we awakened today to beating rain from our rooftop view!  But we spent a happy morning playing 7s (bit of a Hughes family card game - rules on request!) in the cosy apartment and only drifted out in time for lunch - by which time the rain in Spain had lessoned.

We discovered a fabulous typically Spanish lunchtime cafe and had the amazing homemade menu del dia.  A tasty haricot bean soup followed by a fabulous veal stew with homemade chips, house wine and the best ever creme caramel to follow up.  Super friendly with a lovely waitress making animal sounds to describe the menu to us!!  And all for €15 a head!

And what's more, the rain had totally stopped so we embarked on our tour of the romantic area of the city
 Full of beautifully crafted exteriors
and a haberdashers to die for (I am in my little heaven in sewing or a stationary shop)
and make that a bookshop too!  Here I got an English translation of a Basque novel that was recommended by the owner The Accordionist's Son by Bernardo Atxaga - I have just started reading it last night.
 The cathedral is also in this area
 with it's Chillida's 'cross of peace' visible in the porch
 some beautiful houses
 and stunning doors
 wandered across the river
to admire the station canopy which was designed by a pupil of Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame no less!
 another rather splendid bridge

a fed up fisherman (ha ha)
and the recently completed Kursaal Congress Centre by Rafael Moneo
So next we did a bit of shopping, packed up for our leaving tomorrow - took our final peeks from our rooftop window
 and went out for a stunning final meal - making sure we all enjoyed our last 'cheesecake'
but the holiday hasn't finished - more to come on our journey home and then our weekend in France.  Click here to read about the surprising journey home on Friday

Or if you'd rather start at the beginning of the holiday, then click here

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