Saturday, 10 October 2015

build a bird

Lovely trip out to Old Moor this afternoon, but before we get down to the serious stuff - I just loved the kiddies posters
But now here's a bit of the landscape- reclaimed from the old Manvers and Wath Main colleries
loved the reflections these lapwings made on the lake
 and here are my serious spotting pals hard at work
 Autumn hips and haws out in all their glory
 and leaves just turning
 a final burst of sunshine on the lake
and YES - we spotted the top of the list - the Jack Snipe!!   Not even in Mike's I-Spy Book of Birds it's so rare!!  Loved watching it bob and down at the edge of the reeds.
and a late entry to the blog - courtesy of Vince and his mega camera - here are two shots of said jack snipe (one with an ordinary snipe too - hard to spot in the mud though!!)
so there you have it!!  Proof positive.

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