Friday, 9 October 2015

sneak preview

Just been to our first event as Yorkshire Sculpture Park members - a private view of the incredible new Bill Viola exhibition for members only prior to the big opening day tomorrow.

Such a treat and such a coup for Yorkshire to get an exhibition of his work on this scale.
Obviously I didn't take any pictures inside - but these were the videos in the Underground gallery- all of which were amazing - spiritual and moving. 
Loved seeing the narrative for 'The One Who' from his Slowly Turning Narrative written out on one of the gallery walls.  
Found this amazing clip of it being read here:
Bill Viola: Slowly Turning Narrative 1992
Then at 2pm it was outside for speeches from Peter Murray, Director of YSP and Sandy Nairne, with Bill Viola and his wife Kira Perov standing by.
 Then refreshments on the lawns
Next we headed to the Chapel to see the other two videos - also incredible
and to cap it all, as we emerged into the light - it was a beautiful balmy Yorkshire October day
and all was well with the world.

And the Bill Viola is on until 10 April 2016 - try to get along there - it's so powerful.

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