Thursday, 30 January 2014


Seems I need to get this onto the blog before it's ridiculously out of date - so just sneaking it into January!

It was the gloriously sunny winter's day of the Grenoside Sword Dancer's annual traipse around the village back in early January.

Gathered with friends, we watched them perform on the village green with the world (well South Yorkshire anyway) spread out below and beyond
took a brief sortee into the woods while they lunched in the Old Harrow
Caught up with them again after the pub - ruddy of face, oblivious of the freezing temperature and still dancing (them not us!)
Never heard of the Grenoside Sword Dance?  Well you can read more of their long history on the webpage below - even see a video of the dance, buy a Grenoside Sword Dance board game. . . .
Grenoside Sword Dance webpage

So there you have it - I can move on into February now with a clear conscience! 

Chinese New Year celebrations to come next ..........................

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  1. Great ad Gill! Thank you for spreading a traditional word.