Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Year of the Horse


Chinese New Year Sheffield Style

Friday 31st saw us at a wonderful Chinese New Year dinner Kiwi style at Tamper Coffee, Sellers Wheel.

Candlelit and romantic and oh, so tasty and colourful
Incredible food and the finale with the chocolate sauce to die for . . .
Our fortune cookie mottos were a bit on the serious side though . . .
In the intervening days, we've cooked Ken Hom's delicious Chow Mein and other favourites from our much loved and be-splattered copy of his 1984 Chinese Cookery.

Then last night it was the Sheffield Chinese New Year Celebrations at the City Hall along with Margaret and Steve.
first it was food and junior entertainment in the ballroom
and learning about how wonderful those born in the Year of the Rabbit are
and modest too ofcourse, as it says!!

Then up to the packed and buzzing Oval Hall for the main show
Dignitaries and dancing, starting off with a sad lonely Dragon
until thankfully a friend sloped up from the audience
and soon they were three!
painters and pandas
Dare devil feats of contorsion and juggling
music and dancing and beautiful glittery costumes
 the grand finale
 and finally a lovely smiling line up to see us out into the wet Sheffield night
and I have to finish with this - just LOVED the motto from the fortune cookie I was given
HaPpY yEaR oF tHe HoRsE eVeRyOnE

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