Wednesday, 22 January 2014

cup of kindness

We'll never forget the happy end to the year as 2013 spun into 2014 in a rush of laughter, love and fun that was Rachel and Ben's wonderful sparkly wedding.

New Year's Eve has always been one of my favourite nights of the year and this ranked amongst the best.  The fun started as soon as we arrived at the Malmaison on the beautifully revamped Prince's Dock, right in the shadow of the mighty Royal Liver Building
Now I do regret not taking my camera along, but I thought my iphone would be up to the job.  Sadly the pics are all a bit fuzzy - so sorry about that.  But the evening was amazing and I hope this captures the fizz and fun despite the fuzz!!
order of the night
sweet music as we supped arrival champers . . .
the best man and the groom await the bride
there are readings
and the knot is tied
then the bride and groom lead us all out with an amazing Conga line - to the utter delight of all assembled
glamourous new mums-in-law
generations of family
the new Mr and Mrs Giles arrive for the wedding dinner, to much applause and cheering
then the brilliant speeches full of love and fun under fabulous pink lighting
with a rapt audience
followed by a wonderful live band and plenty of crazy dancing, as it said on the card!!
then all too quickly the midnight hour was upon us.  Onto the balcony for fireworks and ships sirens over the mighty Mersey as the Liver clock struck twelve.   Auld Lang's Syne, hugs and kisses and a sprinkle of that magic that heralds the start of a New Year . . .
So thanks Ben and Rachel for giving everyone such a fabulous, fantastic and fun night and here's wishing you buckets full of love for your life together.

What music clip to play - well of course it had to be the Conga . . .take it away Black Lace 

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