Friday, 19 August 2016

eastern delights

Given that I am a West Coast girl at heart - sunsets and warm Gulf Streams - venturing East isn't usually on the cards.  So the last couple of days brought some unexpected and lovely surprises on our family jaunt out east.


Lovely sunny day on our first visit to Peterborough and a great walk through the parks to the lovely Selina's Cafe for the bestest banana bread ever
with the loveliest family


Yet another first - a wonderful day in (also sunny) Lincoln - starting with the cathedral
and so exciting -  turns out George Boole, arguably the father of computing as we know it, was born in Lincoln
 Yummy lunch in the cloisters
 and the usual great crumbling tomb - headless this time!
 Then the most beautiful dancing reflections from the stained glass windows up high
 and outside into the sun and the lovely old houses
 and town
with my trusty companions
always managing to sniff out a good coffee house when we see one and take a look how lovely this one is inside - Makushi.  Next time we're going to try out their brunch!
 Some Hug(h)e(s) scandal uncovered here eh ? . . .
 and I did rather love that doggie in the window
and the old-school Gents!
so a lovely happy family excursion - and here's to the next one!!

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