Thursday, 8 September 2016

to the hills

It was thanks to those brave folk who 'trespassed' on Kinder back in 1932 that we all have access to wander these wonderful moors.  And Kinder has always held a mystical magic for me, even though, ridiculously, I've never been up there before in all my years living in Sheffield.  Until yesterday . . . .

This was the song Ewan McColl famously wrote after the Mass Trespass:
And we urban ramblers start by leaving Edale and crossing Grindsbrook - you'll spot my hiking buddy as he grapples with the steep rocky inclines and finally attains the 600m peak of Ringing Roger
such a great time for the purple heather
and loved the gentle folds in the mountainside leading up to Grindslow Knoll
we spy Ringing Roger and the clouds lift.  It's been swelteringly hot but muggy skies.
and we make it - glorious views all round
and round towards Lose Hill and Win Hill
Enjoyed a picnic at the top then a quick descent for a welcome cuppa in Edale
And before I go, here's the other Ewan MacColl that sprang to mind up there in the hills - It's a bit sad and reflective, but I just love the 'Joy of Living'  - give it a listen:

Soon it will time for our local carol singing here in the North of Sheffield and I look forward to our Eric at the Black Bull singing the Joy of Living so beautifully most Thursday nights.

And here's a great guide to walking the hills of the Peak District 1,000feet - The Highest Hills in the Peak District

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