Thursday, 16 August 2012

up the garden path

peeking out of the back porch window

(and remember, the other day, this was the state of our garden - click here to read)

looks like the fairies at the bottom of our garden have been at work battling with the tangle.

So, creeping around the weeping willow - with a little bit of low evening sun peeping through it's branches
 lo and behold - the way is now clear
and venturing right to the end
I turn and see one of those lovely flowers that pop up every year, probably weeds, no idea what they're called, but I love them (answers in the comments box if you know)
and next there's the lovely hydranga
and it strikes me I love this wildness the summer rains have brought this year


  1. The flower you wish to name is, I think, a Japanese Anenome although I can't see much of its leaf. We have them in our garden as did my Mum and Dad in my childhood. I think they're lovely, too.