Saturday, 11 August 2012

Looking up

 . . . to the wonderful ceilings of Burgos Cathedral

and down to the amazing ancient floors

and those magnificent mighty pillars

and paintings and carvings

and cloisters

and El Cid's treasure chest, no less!!!!
I am no expert, but it seemed that every architectural possibility was crammed into this wonderful building and all set off against the beautiful white stone.  The attention to detail and the craftmanship was staggering - a well deserved Unesco World Heritage status.

And look at this lovely saint - I think he was someone important but for the life of me can't rememeber his name

So this was just 'morning one' of our adventure - the morning when we thought we'd get nothing much achieved as we were arriving in Burgos in the early hours and it was a Sunday - how wrong we were!

Next I'll be writing about our arrival at Santiago de Compostela, picking up our car and driving off to Muxia and our amazing time exploring the Galician coastline.  Click here to read on!!

(This is part of our Spain by train holiday in July - you can read about the itinery here)

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