Friday, 20 November 2015

parting of the ways

Reluctant departure from 6 Lagerstrasse by our 11am curfew
and off we head into the sunshine for our final explore of Vienna - Stadt Park first as ever
and a group hug with the help of a passing stranger
Another Otto Wagner (I think?)
But finally to the inside of his masterpiece the Postsparkasse
We ventured inside the museum at the back which was fascinating and also gave us access to the amazing rooms behind.  The museum website is SO good, wealth of information on the museum, Otto Wagner and the building itself - explore the menu: Museum Postsparkasse
Wow, wouldn't have missed that for anything and so glad we went back when it was open.

Now back onto the streets to make the most of our last few Vienna hours
Interesting buildings at every turn
And a return to the Adolf Loos Looshaus.  Now a bank, we were allowed in on the ground floor but no photos.  It was amazing inside with dark shiny wood and mirrors a bit like the American Bar, giving an illusion of more space than there was.  It had been a gentlemen's outfitter store originally and the old glass and wood display cases were still there. Incredible!
But by now it was definitely time to eat again . . . and the 130 year old institution that is Cafe Central beckoned, with its cosy alcoves, vaulted ceiling and cakes galore.
We started with the menu of the day - to have something sensible, then quickly progressed to CAKES.
I will leave you to the pictures which I just managed to snap before the cakes themselves were snapped up!
and as this is Vienna - I have to end on cake!
but all is not over - while two of us peel off and head for London, the other three carry on adventuring and catch the train to Saltzburg and Zurich - click here to read on!

But if you missed the start of this holiday, then feel free to go to the beginning by clicking here

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