Saturday, 18 July 2015

Life without care

Sunday 28 June 2015

The adventure begins - and what an amazing week we eight had.  Wall to wall sunshine with friends from forever.
Breakfast to fuel us at Yr Hafan then off along little trodden lanes to find the Wales Coast Path - 87 miles in all but . . . small steps and all that ...
 To a wild rose . . .
 you are my honeysuckle - songs at every turn!!
and in all the hedges and hillsides, deep purple foxgloves - never seen so many - as striking as all the red fuchsia we saw everywhere in Connemara one summer 
Our path really felt like the road less trodden - "Because it was grassy and wanted wear" as Robert Frost said in his lovely 'The Road Not Taken" poem
Then suddenly our first glmipse of the Atlantic Ocean (or the Irish Sea bit anyway!!)
 Bird spotting pause - but more on this later (yes, Bryan - we kept a list!!)
 followed by seal spotting
 and he's down there somewhere - really!
 loved that this arch might become a stack at any moment!  Geography in action
 free fresh wind in our hair
  Abercastle nestled down below
 Carrreg Samson - our neolithic tomb (and thanks Vince for the brilliant pic)
with neolithic man taking a rest nearby
After which we had a welcome cuppa and cakes at the lovely little Mill Cafe in Trefin

and back to the ranch to plot tomorrow's adventure
before getting spruced up and off for dinner at the great fish restaurant - The Shed, Porthgain
 until night fell over the little harbour
Our 'Shed' shut up for the night and we wended our way back

Welsh word of the day: siani flewog = hairy caterpillar
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  1. Love to hear what the rest of the awesome eight remember - comments here please!! xx

  2. Wow - what wonderful weather you had!