Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Atlantic crossing (almost)

Tuesday 30 June 2015

This was the voyage we'd all been waiting for - our 11 mile Atlantic crossing to the island of Grassholm, then on to Ramsay Island. It was scorching hot with the clearest blue skies ever - so we had no doubts our boat would sail and hot footed it down bright and early to St. Justinians Lifeoboat Station near St David's, clutching our suncream and pre-packed snap.
We'd soon be 'sailing' - bit of music while you wait . . .
We were so excited!  A real adventure coming up on two islands
Had a closer look at the lifeboat while we waited
and those brave missions - which left me humming 'for those in peril on the sea' to myself for the rest of the afternoon!

So we were shocked to learn that the swell was too great around Grassholm to take the boat out!!!  Atlantic crossing hopes dashed!!
But, undeterred, the intrepid travellers set out on the shorter crossing to spend the day on the glorious Ramsay Island instead.
and what a wonderful day it turned out to be.  Purple foxgloves at every turn, deep blue seas and endless cloudless skies.  Bliss.
We set off across the island - cairns and distant views as far as you could see.
Seal and seabird spotting as we went
Felt like we owned the whole island - only a handful (or a boatload!) of other souls there.
It was magical to be able to walk round a whole island in a day - surrounded by glorious cliff, blue seas and an abundance of wild flowers.
And this has got to be the winning pic of the whole week . . .
Spot the fossilised dog?
 Ha ha - this was so funny too . . . look carefully . . .
 as more and more (including the two headed beast!)
 stags rose up from the bracken
Such magnificent specimens - and we were so close to them
This is what the RSPB board said we should have spotted
but did we?  You'll have to wait and see in a few days time . . .

So we sailed back to dry land and enjoyed a meander around St David's - smallest cathedral city in the UK.  Loved their 'City Hall'!
The lovely Cwtch in St David's where we will eat for our last night's feast . . .
Alison and Jeff's immaculate garden at Yr Hafan - with that ever tempting sea on the horizon
And to end the day, we popped into St David's for a really tasty Indian meal at Saffron.  
We found out on the news later that today was the hottest day of the year so far - 28deg

Welsh word of the day: ogof = cave
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