Thursday, 28 May 2015

wheels of fire

I've got so much to tell from the past few days - magical weddings and gigantic ships - but must just quickly add these pics from our happy reunion today - 1976 year of the bike revisited.

And this was 'our song' as we used to pack sandwiches and hurtle out to Parsley Hay
Today we started at the Jug and Glass in Lea
Great feast and lots of banter
chucked out at closing time
and off to Arkwright's Cromford Mill . . .
where we were once again chucked out when the cafe needed to close for the day
Just so much to catch up on - you'll have to make another trip across the pond, John, to get us together again!

and, for a final treat, 'back in the day' in that scorching summer . . . .

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