Friday, 15 May 2015

This old heart

I'm going to attempt to cram our wonderful whirlwind weekend in London into two massive blogposts!  So make a cuppa and relax into that wonder of places that is London in all it's glory.  A surprise round every corner and crammed with fun.  


Early morning vote in Sheffield.

Brilliant concert at the splendid St George's Cathedral in Lambeth, followed by pub election discussions with the orchestra until the exit polls started tumbling in and hopes for a Tory defeat hung by a thread.


Gloomy start, both to the UK post-election and to the London weather.

But rallied round and headed up West, where we happened upon this sign on Margaret Street, at the back of Oxford Street
and drawn by the word 'famous' ventured in - to discover the stunningly decorated All Saints Margaret Street which has Grade 1 listing.
 which you'd never have guessed from the outside
So now a walk over to Portland Place and RIBA for the fascinating Rennie Mackintosh exhibition - with a sneaky coffee and cake in the RIBA cafe and a peruse of the amazing bookshop
Incredible to see Mackintosh's own drawings.  This one being of Hill House in Helensburgh which we'd so enjoyed visiting just a few years ago - built for the publisher Blackie.
and as night fell - it found us at the Camden Blues Kitchen for an amazing gig by the incredible Motor City Review who played one showstopper after another - hit after hit from the Motown catalogue - memories flooding in
and a good place for a pause for some music . . . 

Probably my favourite from those days
oh and another beautiful favourite if you're in the mood

and when you're ready - click here to read on for Saturday and Sunday when the pace really hotted up!

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