Monday, 25 November 2013

Moor the merrier

Flagship day in Sheffield today as the wonderful new markets were opened on the Moor, after being in Castle and Sheaf markets at the other end of town for many, many years.

A great bell tolled before the doors were opened, apparently a long held tradition for every market move, the last being 54 years ago!! One of the Granelli family did the honours with the bell and then everyone surged in.

And what a delight the building is. Light and airy and spacious and clearly laid out. Plenty of the familiar stalls from Castle Market, which only closed on Saturday, and a good smattering of interesting new independent traders.

There was a great happy buzz about the place and they have just said on the news that a record 25,000 people visited today!

We were proud to have been two of them!

I'll leave you with my photos . . .
and some memories in the history archive . . .
Long may it reign til the next bell tolls!!!

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