Monday, 11 November 2013


A great renewing friendships from the days when we all worked so hard for the British Steel Corporation!!
Back in September Paul came over from Munich to visit and a fun time was had by all.
One of the days saw us visiting Kelham Island

and we found a secret new pub about to open . . .

then spotted the very spot on the Don where Paul had sailed by on a raft in one of the infamous Rag Boat Races back in the early 70s
time for that coffee and rhubarb and custard cake . . .

and a nostalitc wander around Sheffield
 then the evening meet up with the old Cybor gang - first stop the Kelham Island Tav
 final stop fab dinner at the Milestone
and if you're wondering what they all looked like back then - I'll try and do another post on life at Cybor House some time.

For now, I think this song it says it all!  Happy times.
Click below and enjoy:

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