Wednesday, 23 November 2011

More on the cake

I have had interest in my cake from Bolton to Sydney, so thought I'd better embark on Episode Two.

Did the mixing tonight - not an easy task and it all curdled horribly at the first egg (and there were three more to go!) - I'm not patient enough for the beating stage.  But I did make an exception to my usual race through cake making by sifting the flour, as I thought this might help the curdled eggs . . .

And it did, as you can see below and the whisky soaked fruits smelt soooo divine after that 24 hour soak - even though it's definitely not my tipple!!

Look at the Bells' sheen on those currants
All my own work

Almost oven bound

and WOW - now is that perfection or perfection?
Final job was to pour more whisky down skewered holes - the kitchen now smells like an illicit speakeasy.

Need to source some suitably tacky Chrissy decorations for the top now in time for the marzipanning and icing.

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