Monday, 21 November 2011

Misty moorlands

Weird weather all round this November

Flowers still blooming

 mist still looming

Nevertheless off we went yesterday to Longshaw to meet up with friends who I promised I would include in this blog! (Hi you lot!!!)

and would you believe it, the mist lifted, the sun came out, the sky turned blue and a perfect day was had by all, including a tasty lunch at the cafe - sitting outside, feeling warm, at almost the end of November!

The trees were amazing - some still autumnal and some bare and twisted.  Here's our hike in pics . . .

Longshaw House where they filmed the Virgin and the Gypsy in 1970

Deep in conversation

The girls

and the boys

yes, more trees

we love to go a wanderin'

Amazing colours in the bracken

Surprise arachnid

the majestic hill forts


so thank you one and all for a lovely day!

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  1. Your part of the world is so incredible picturesque! I can't wait to be able to explore there a little more!