Thursday, 27 April 2017

rolling downward

The significance of this light fitting above will become apparent by the time we hit the pub!!  Read on ....
Our picturesque start on a sleepy Winster lane
and the intrepid carolling crew about to embark on our day's hike
Up to the top of Winster first - stunning views across the hills in the April heat haze
plenty of uber-narrow stiles to negotiate
Spring lambs galore
and soon it's close to lunchtime and Bonsall beckons
and YES - here's the real Bonsall Cross in the sleepy village of Bonsall
The replica lights line the lovely bar of the friendly King's Head
Replete with hearty home-cooked food, good ale and an impromptu chorus of Hail Smiling Morn, we head off on our path back to Winster, mostly along the Limestone Way
Although inevitably there are moments of navigational indecision!
Beautiful spooky tree moments
and plenty of blackthorn blossom (have I got that right Ian?)
Bumpy remains of the old lead mine workings that scatter these hills
and 'are we nearly there yet?' - yes!

and back in time for tea ......
What a wonderful day with a great bunch of friends and here's to our 2017 carolling season!

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