Friday, 6 May 2016

A day in the life

A crazy happy 24 hours the last weekend, starting with a wistful peek out of the Arts Tower
a dash to the station and a quick 2 hour whizz down to London.  First stop the Foundling Museum
The remarkable Thomas Corum
and the lovely Drawing on Childhood exhibition which was the brainchild of Lemn Sissay
 Checked into the (almost) brand new Hub by Premier Inn at Tower Bridge
Then a dash over to The Cut and a meal at the Young Vic cafe with Jane and Mike
before hot footing it to Morley College - loved these new mosaics of remarkable women around the walls
and inside we enjoyed a brilliant concert by the Morley Chamber Orchestra and much fun afterwards in the pub, before heading back to our Tower Bridge refuge and this amazing view from our room - London by night, indeed a wonderful sight.
But the 24 dash was not over, next it was breakfast at our favourite spot Albertini's, then steaming north on the train to arrive in Sheffield for lunch at Tamper Seller's Wheel.
Followed by a dash round more of the wonderful Art Sheffield installations
 found a lovely 'new to us' cafe where Depot Bakery used to be, at 156 Arundel Street - The Holt Cafe
and if you want to see Part 1 of our Art Sheffield tour the week before, read here.

You can fit a lot into a mere 24 hours . . . . .

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