Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Very rare chance over the next couple of weeks to get into some incredible spaces in Sheffield, for this brilliant festival run by Art Sheffield
So Friday afternoon found us entering this door for the first time ever
Any guesses . . .
Yes the amazing Moore Street electricity substation, designed in 1968 by Jefferson Sheard, which has been a listed building for some time for these reasons and looms so intriguingly over the city, illuminated at night but with no apparent entrance or exit or window.
So in we go ..
and up we climb
past immaculate board-marked finish concrete walls
and right to the top
for Steven Claydon's incredible audio visual installation
in this amazing vast space
reverberating right through our bodies - really incredible
But we wanted to fit in another special venue before the day was out - so over to Park Hill
and a search for the long since closed down 'Link Pub' - which we finally found by following the arrows
the boarded up estate pub
with the Mark Fell installation inside
and there's a great review of the whole exhibition by Frieze, which is on all over the city until 18 May - catch it while you can

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