Sunday, 10 January 2016

To everything

After a walk in the woods on Boxing Day 2013 and inspired by David Hockney's 'A bigger picture' exhibition at the Royal Academy a couple of years before that, I ambitiously decided to do a Hockney style photo montage of each passing season in the same(ish) spots in Greno Woods.  I'd envisaged capturing snowdrops, bluebells, snow, blue skies, grey mists and all that lovely drama we experience up there every year . . . .

This was how it started . . .
Now that amazing spot above can only be viewed from the bottom of the steep sided bomb-hole, so this won't be repeated every month!  It was just to draw you in . . .

So here goes

JaNuArY 2014
 FeBrUaRy 2014
MaRcH 2014

ApRiL 2014
ooo errr - I never got up to the woods in April - probably the best of all David Hockney months too with all the trees budding - trust me .......

MaY 2014
and by now I had totally forgotten about the project as summer holidays and life in general took over!  Despite making loads more hikes up into the woods!  I can see why David H made it and I didn't!! Ha Ha.

So today - Sunday 10 January 2016 - I decided to take some pics to make up.  But although this has turned out to be a winter woodland montage only - I am happy with that cos I love trees in winter.  Bare and gloriously see-through with amazing branches weaving up to the sky and making witch like patterns on the woodland floor.

JaNuAuY 2016
and the joyous moment that still takes my breath away is when we suddenly emerge from the dense woods onto St Helena - with glorious views sweeping miles over to Strines, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, even the Humber Bridge on a clear day.
 where the wild wind literally takes your breath away!
and the spot we stood at just a few days ago on New Year's Eve watching the whole of Sheffield exploding at midnight.  The sky was velvet deep and clear and the stars so bright with a beautiful half moon to our left.  Spectacular and very special.
 Sheffield city centre down there in the haze
 and over towards Oughtibridge,loving the field patterns and the wiggly stone walls.

and my title was in homage to the amazing Pete Seeger who died in February 2014 - so have a listen to his immortal "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

and just spotted this 2009 interview with Pete Seeger talking about how he loves the Byrds version of his beautiful song:

And my full walks from 2014 can be found here, if you've got any stamina left!!
January 2014 - this has some Sword Dancers prancing
February 2014 - this was a misty fungusy sort of day
March 2014 - this has some magnificent trees


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