Saturday, 18 April 2015

28 birthday surprises

#1 Make the cake
#2 Surprise the birthday girl 
#3 All the best birthdays are in April

#4 Great get together with friends, Bhaji Shop Thali Cafe, eve of the big day
#5 Birthday brunch (in luverly new jumper)
#6 and ready to hike Win Hill - was it the sunglasses that did it....?? 
#7 .... brought out the rain in bucketloads!  Picnic in the car at Castleton

#8 But still smiling up North (despite blue skies all the way down in London!!)
#9 Ahha - log fire refuge at the Packhorse Inn, Little Longstone
#10 and home to light those candles 
#11 Mining Museum at Wakefield revisited - after 20 odd years! 
#12 and what larks - great ride on the pit railway
#13 there and back again
#14 and what it's all about 
#15 down the ladder in the engine room (with apologies to Louise Mcneice)
#16 off underground for over an hour - motties at the ready
#17 tour of the mine buildings
#18 lockers 
#19 All left pretty much as it was in 1980s when the mine closed 
#20 showers
#21 Pithead
#22 and farewell to Caphouse Colliery - great visit, great guides
#23 quick arty fix at YSP for the Henry Moore 'Back to a Land'
#24 Old times sake in Broomhill - Tin Po friends and memories
#25 up on a wonderful windy Broomhead Moor, above Bradfield
#26 Free fresh wind in her hair 
#27 Glimpse of our wonderful Sheffield over the distant hills
#28 Footloose and fancy free
It all went by far too quickly but the wind, rain and general freezingness didn't deter us one iota!!

Places we visited (and almost visited) were . . .

Bhaji Shop Tahli Cafe, Chesterfield Road - newish, great food, great atmosphere
Win Hill - unparalleled views - had we been able to get up there!!
Packhorse Inn, Little Longstone - FABULOUS food
National Mining Museum, Wakefield - free entry which makes it wonderfully accessible for all (donations welcome though) and brilliant underground tour which you can book a time slot for online!
Yorkshire Sculpture Park (and our other recent YSP visit) what more can I say - one of our favourite haunts since it opened - and here is the birthday girl in equally inclement weather one misty January day way back in 1996 aged 8)

Happy Yorkshire birthday Jess

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