Sunday, 22 March 2015

First day

Pretty much the first day of Spring today and perfect for a visit to our wonderful Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the current Henry Moore exhibition Back to a Land
and today Dad would also have been 99 and, as he loved that Spring heralded his birthday, I think the balmy sunny day and the budding trees would have been just about perfect for him!
at last we caught the amazing Seizure open - keep visiting on weekdays and missing it.
no pics allowed inside of course, but this is the crate Hiorns built around the room before he started work
and a bit of Miro
 then back to the Moore
and over at the chapel, Ai Weiwei's amazing Iron Tree
catching the late afternoon sun so beautifully
Enjoyed Song for Coal in the chapel
the trees here are so magnificent too - and that amazing sun - reappearing after it's eclipse performance on Friday!
then a wander up to the Bothy where the original old cafe used to be
 and the amazingly hidden underground gallery - top of a Henry Moore peeping out
 and finally off home . . .

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