Tuesday, 19 August 2014

you take the high road

Strictly speaking I need to post up my photos of our wonderful Tour De Yorkshire extravaganza here in Sheffield and our amazing holiday in Portugal and Spain last month - but before that I must mention our fab, fun-filled spree north of the border this weekend, while it's fresh in my mind!
and so we arrive in beautiful secluded Carsethorn
our lane with view of the Criffel (1800ft)
and our view over the Solway Firth to the Lakes and another country!
Next day the gang assemble at Dumfries House
in the back row surprise surprise . . doesn't that take you back a few years!!
and a great little news item here if you're interested to know more about the house - this was made in 2007 before it was open to the public:
taking the air on the John Adams' bridge
Three little maids in the Summer House
A tour of the veg patches full of prize specimens
 of cabbages and kings ( oh I still love the Walrus and the Carpenter !!)
Loved the education garden best of all - complete with Bill, Ben, friends and flora
 wonderful grasses and teasels (is that what they are?)
then to another of the beautiful greenhouses
decked with colour

statuesque, or so they think!
 but finally to the pub - the wonderful Steamboat Inn
for a feast and a half
and the next day - 'I see no ships' but great views across the sea
Then it was off to Kirkcudbright for the fascinating exhibition of work by the Glasgow Girls
and a glimpse of Jessie King's house
Then all too soon, after lots of laughs, happy reminiscences, amazing food and even more amazing company, the four days had come to an end . . .
and it was farewell to the Criffel, the estuary
and, last but not least, our wonderful hosts
and as we sped south we caught a silvery glimpse of the wonderful Carsethorn
Will we no' come back again? . . . . I hope we will !!

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