Tuesday, 10 September 2013

reel to reel

So, it's Saturday part II (if you missed Part I click here) - we're just walking from Paternoster Row towards our supper and discover the Porter Brook running alongside the old Matilda Tavern

and some fabulous graffitti on the corner of Arundel Street
as well as the fab old Challenge Works where saws and files were manufactured back in the day
 and our destination - the ever wonderful Street Food Chef
to fortify us for our Light Night trek from Shoreham Street to Bloc projects with the Magic Lantern and others

First off we passed the new 192 Shoreham Street, impressively blending old and new, and a RIBA regional award winner this year.
Then a right turn onto Mary Street where there are some amazing old works in different states of dereliciton and renovation.
A peek through the glass doors of Hawk Works revealed an amazing yard and some very interesting history here, including mention of an old water wheel
Bramhall Woodware Limited - long gone - on the site of the once Universe Works.  This Sheffield History website is fascinating - seems cultery was made here
following our leaders along Mary Street
loving all these cobbles . . .
old neglected works
 and derelict buildings
 then this sudden splash of colour
as we are surprised and delighted to cross the Porter Brook again
and finally arrive at the wonderful Bloc Projects for refreshment, film and art
and as we left, the sky over Sylvester Street was beautiful
It's been a brilliant walk in one of our favourite parts of hidden Sheffield - long may these buildings remain and be saved
And along Sidney Street on the way back
so much amazing graffitti to see - love this huge Charles Darwen
and so it was back along to Paternoster Row, full circle and a dip into the Showroom Cinema to see About Time - spotting the fabulous Jon Boden busking in it!

A pretty perfect sort of a day really!

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