Thursday, 1 August 2013

Maybe it's because

So we find ourselves in London again for a whirlwind happy two days and a reunion with our friend Bec who was my blog guru and got me started on all this.
Blisteringly hot and blue skies for our amble through Hyde Park to this year's Serpentine Pavillion designed by Sou Fujimoto - a real joy to play on!
and it's where we met up with Bec, aboard the giant climbing frame!

Remember my story some time ago about sing-a-longs in pubs (read here) well we had the real thing in London on the Sunday night - but I'm not going to spread it about on t'internet - oh no!  This is a secret too good to share just in case it gets too spoilt or crowded - but suffice to say - an AMAZING night was had by all!
So we rolled back to our lovely Hoxton Hotel - this is the view from our window
 and this is in the morning from same
and the next day had a yummy breakfast with amazing coffee at Ozone with their coffee beans roasting away in the basement

and then a walk around trendy Shoreditch in the sun

Followed by a quick trip to the tropics. . . ? ? ?
No - just downtown Hackney
a sit down in bustling Angel at a friendly little pavement cafe
before our train back from the magnificent St Pancras.
Just loving the mightly hotel across the way at King's Cross
and in the station a cheery blast of 'Light Flight' from a street piano, which was started off in Sheffield all those years ago

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