Friday, 28 June 2013

Where'er you walk

imagine we're still back on Mull and it's . . .

Tuesday 30 April
Setting off from our cottages - the open road beckons
destination - the timeless Ulva
 but of course, only after summonsing the amazing little ferry


Great lunch at the Boathouse with homemade breads and soups and prawns straight from the loch
Who could ask for more!


and after lunch in the sun (and look at that view),
 we set off to walk over the island to see the basalt columns on the coast.
 Incredible beach, cliffs and woodlands.  Really beautiful, gentle island
 . . . then we were all too soon waiting for the boat back again


although before we leave Ulva for good, I must remind you that this was an island that featured on Johnson and Boswell's noted tours of the Hebrides, which I wrote about last year - so click and read here if interested.

We had the most stunning drive back along the lochs with sun slanting into the hillsides casting amazing shadows.

Jo and Dave conjured up a veritable feast back at our cosy cottages
and just a final postcript from me . . .
Walking around Ulva with the sea and the sun and the meadows took me right back to singing 'Where'er You Walk' in the school choir all those years ago.  So I've managed to find a Youtube video with a school choir that sounds much like I remember it - magical!

and the words (with repeats here and there) are:
Where'er you walk
Cool gales shall fan the glade
Trees where you sit
Shall crowd into a shade
Trees where you sit
Shall crowd into shade

Where'er you tread
The Blushing flowers shall rise
And all things flourish
And all things flourish
Where'er you turn your eyes
Where'er you turn your eyes
Where'er you turn your eyes

from Semele by Handel (1743, if Wikipedia is to be believed!)
So if you're not fed up yet and fancy more of the Mull week, then you can read about Wednesday by clicking here

or if you're new to this blog and want to start right at the beginning of our Mull holiday, then please click here

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